Avocado on the Go!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

To me, there's nothing better than an avocado. I had a commercial shoot for IGA in Jasper, Indiana last week Wednesday - Friday. It was fun but exhausting and I had no time to prepare healthy food for myself on the road. So, the first thing I did once arriving in Jasper is to check out the IGA. A sea of colorful produce greeted me and I went straight for the alligator textured green avocados. They looked great. (Pictures to come.) I picked up two avocados, a package of black berries and cheese. I have been trying to eat half an avocado a day. Whether or not I smash it with a fork and spread it on my sandwiches or chop it up in salads I have been trying to get half in. Sometimes, I slice one open and eat the green, buttery goodness with a spoon! In fact, that's what I had to do while in Jasper. For those of you who don't pick out avocados at the store, make sure you get one that's ripe! Place it in your hand and squeeze gently to see if it's soft, but not squishy. That means you need to eat it pretty soon. Do not even try to slice open a rock-hard avocado! Run the knife around the avocado, not through, and twist open. One side will have a huge pit and the other side won't. Take out the pit and run a spoon around the edges of the avocado to loosen it from the sides.
Besides being the "good" fat we should have in our diet, avocados are also filling and a great addition to salads, sandwiches, soups, dips and more! I wanted to share the nutritional information with you from The Amazing Avocado
Did you know eating avocados help your body absorb essential vitamins and minerals, make teeth and bones strong, enhance cardiovascular activity, support immune health and give elasticity to the skin?
Yumo! Look good, feel good, eat an avocado!
Today, I am going to lunch with a friend, I am bringing half an avocado to cut into my salad. I know it's strange, but the place she chose isn't famous for healthy salads... join me this summer as I try to eat half an avocado each day! Mangi!Mangi!


ErinsFoodFiles said...

I LOVE avocado!

Courtney Wise said...

Me too! I wish I could eat more than half a day!

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